Bulldog is not originally raised in United States. It came from England and later on, few bulldogs were transferred in Southern United States. Soon enough, the breed increased in numbers until the present, with what people used to know now as the Johnson American Bulldog. This is different from the Pit Bulldog Terrier, just to make it clear.

Bulldogs, way back history, are guardians of homestead when their owner is away for a farm. They secure the premises and sometimes help the owner in flushing away cattle and hogs. Bulldogs started to decline in number when the harvest of farmers decreases in production. This instance almost made the bulldog lose its breed in history. There were few people who were able to keep bulldog as their home companion like John D. Johnson. He has a bulldog since he was young and his bulldog is very important to him.

Soon, Dr. Johnson thought of registering the dog in the National Kennel Club which is a success. It was coined after Dr. Johnson and a breed of bulldogs named Johnson American Bulldog was registered and recognized in the United States. He started raising more bulldogs and this is from Johnson American Bulldog became popular. The word Johnson was later removed and it is now widely known as American Bulldog. These changes eventually led to the recognition of American Bulldog as one of the best breed of dogs and people of passion with dogs start convening events and shows for them.

Johnson American Bulldog has a strong, muscular built. It is usually white with patches of black on the head but there are recent variations of their coat color. However, people still prefer the traditional kind of bulldog with black pigmentation and patches on one part of the eye. They are very lovable and affectionate. Some even say that they are highly emotional and sensitive. This is due to the fact that they are more akin to staying with their owners once they develop trust on them. They behave well and is a great companion especially for children. Johnson American Bulldog is one of the most popular kind of dog nowadays and it is probably because they are friendly and harmless to the owner. They only become aggressive when protecting their owner or its property specifically the house from any invader.

To make sure American Bulldog is physically fit all the time, the owner should take time to have an exercise through a walk in the park. This is also a great bonding time for the dog and its owner!