There are various types of American Bulldog, but in general this dog breed has been considered as a working dog. It has been originally used for intense activities like bull baiting and hunting. Actually, they can hunt different kinds of animals such as wild boar, squirrel and raccoon. Apart from that, they also help guard their owners. Because of the many things that they can do, people find them very versatile and impressive. Their stamina, intelligence and protective instinct truly makes them a good and practical pet. There may be different types of bulldogs, but one of those kinds that truly stand out is the blue American Bulldog.


The blue American Bulldog is not that common because of its color. The most typical are white, brown, tan, or red. But blue is already considered as a cosmetic fault. Sometimes, the eyes are also different in colors when heterochromia occurs. But the normal color is usually brown. Just like other bulldogs, they are very muscular and strong and their jaws also look very powerful.


The blue American Bulldog is very athletic. They can even jump up to 6 feet high or even more. They can also move at a fast pace. They are also brave and alert that is why people trust them as guard dogs. Aside from being guardians, they also make great companions because they are very friendly, caring, and happy pets. They can also be good around kids. But because of their size, they are known to be more for families with adults or teens. Owners should also be more experienced taking care of dogs.

What pet owners love about these dogs is that they are also very loyal and faithful. They will protect their master when they see them in trouble. They will help right away.


When it comes to training, there are two basic things that these dogs should learn and those are obedience and socialization. When training them, people must keep in mind that it should be done with fairness, firmness, and consistency. Those factors are vital in making them follow their owners commands. Harsh training is not recommended for these dogs since they do not respond positively to it. Though with proper training, owners can expect better dog behavior.


Caring for a blue American bulldog doesn’t take too much effort. Regular brushing can help lessen loose hair. While bathing can make them clean, though this should be done only when necessary. In terms of overall health, this type of dog comes from a healthy breed.