American Bulldogs have been known as working dogs that can be seen around the United States. This breed is known to be brave, loyal, and dependable, which is why they are considered as good companions inside and outside the house. In fact, they are known for their heroic acts towards their master. Because of their protective instincts, they can be relied on to provide some safety and security. Aside from their protective nature, American Bulldogs are also known for getting along well with children, so pet owners especially those who have families like having them as their pet.

When they are trained at an early age, they will be better at socializing with other people and they are more likely to show more positive and less aggressive behavior. They also become less reserved when it comes to strangers if they get an early training from their owners. Basically, American Bulldogs like to interact with people. Mental and physical exercise everyday is also important so that they will continue to show good behavior.


There are 3 general types of American Bulldogs, and those are the Bully/Johnson, the Standard/Scott and the Hybrid type. The names of these types of bulldogs were taken from the influential breeders who have made a great contribution in developing them. So there are some differences among the three types, but both the Standard or Scott type and the Bully or what people call the Johnson type are found on American farms and ranches since they were known as working type of dogs. When it comes to size, the Bully type is bigger, heavier and less athletic as compared to the Standard type. While the Hybrid one is a mix of the two types.

Because these dogs are easy to train, they have been known to be helpful in rural areas. They can catch wild boar, kill vermin, and also guard a private property. However, the advantages of having American Bulldogs are not limited to farm owners but other families as well. When given proper training, they can be really great furry companions.

In fact, there are a lot of positive attributes associated with this type of dog. Below are some of the things that people say about American Bulldogs.

  •     Social
  •     Confident
  •     Alert
  •     Obedient
  •     Strong
  •     Active
  •     Powerful
  •     Intelligent
  •     Fearless
  •     Reliable


The American Bulldogs have been present in the early years. Before, the bulldogs have been used by the working class to help in farms and ranches. They were considered as all-around dogs because of the many tasks that they can perform. During that time, they are generally known as working dogs. As time passed, they have slowly decreased in number, that by the time the second Word War ended, they almost got extinct.

As an attempt to save it from extinction, John Johnson and Alan Scott, decided to bring back these dogs, and together they started to breed more old time bulldogs. But at some point, they started to mix breeds and started to have different opinions on what an American Bulldog should be. Scott preferred a smaller dog while Johnson wanted a bigger guardian type of dog. This is why after some time, there have created two different versions of bulldogs.

As of present time, bulldogs have a more carefree lifestyle since they are now considered as family pets. They still guard their owners but they are no longer expected to do other utilitarian duties like before.


When people look at an American Bulldog, they usually notice its well-built body. They look stocky, strong, and muscular with powerful jaws and a big head. The dog breeds coat is short but is generally smooth. In terms of its color, the old bulldogs are predominantly white with some red pigmentations. However, as time progressed, there have been different color combinations seen on these dogs. Some color patterns include brown, black, and fawn, depending on the type of dog. The eyes are brown although in rare occasions, hetechromia occurs. Nowadays, the hybrid type of bulldog is more common in the United States.

The weight of these dogs is around 27 to 54 kilograms. Though some have exceeded in this standard size. In terms of height, the sizes are about 52 to 65 centimeters. Meanwhile, life expectancy of this dog breed is roughly 16 years.


In general, American Bulldogs make a good pet because it has a naturally good behavior towards people. They can be around to provide company whether to children or adults. And they are up for some playtime, which can also add up to their needed daily physical activities. A stroll at the park is also something that these dogs would truly enjoy. These simple activities keep them happy.

Owners would also like the fact that they can depend on their dog to protect them wherever they are. So aside from bringing some love and joy to a household, they can also give protection, which dog owners truly appreciate.