American Bulldogs are confident and good at socialization at its complete maturity. They would often cling to their owners but be aloof to strangers. They are smart and know when to behave and when to bark. American Bulldogs is the type of breed that should be trained at the early stages so that they can adapt to the environment and for them to develop the habit of doing what the owner wants it to do. American puppies by nature are not confident about socializing to others and they tend to stay with people they are only familiar with. This is a good point but a passionate owner should also train the American Bulldog in interacting with others other than the household for it to develop confidence through the years. This is not crucial because American Bulldogs are flexible to the environment.  

In order to train this kind of breed, the best way is to have a walk in the park or play with the dog in an open field. It will not only improve the stamina of the dog but it will also strengthen the relationship with it. This way, it will be easier for the owner to command his dog for whatever he wants it to do.

There are generally three types of American Bulldog, the Bully type (Johnson Type), Standard Type (Scott Type) and the Hybrid Type. The names of the breed were derived from the people that were very influential in the development of the bulldogs namely John D. Johnson and Alan Scott.

The 4 Paw Rating to the suitability of American Bulldog for the home and lifestyle:


American Bulldog with the height of 50 70 cm for male and 20-24 cm for female.

It weighs normally at 70 120 lbs for the standard bulldog and 85 130 lbs for bully type bull dog.

Coat Care

Use a firm bristle brush or rubber mint in cleaning the American Bulldogs coat every few months.

Family Life

American Bulldogs are generally inactive and indoor pet and they love to play and cuddle with their owner and the people in the family.


It adapts to the environment depending on the training from the early stages of the life of a bulldog. They are naturally inactive and sensitive and there is a need to train them as early as possible to be interactive and sociable.


American Bulldog lives from 10 to 16 years. They are often physically healthy and active when they mature and developed self-confidence. Monthly home exam on the skin, eyes, ears, nose, teeth and gums is recommended. It is important to avoid health problems like disorders of the kidney, hip dysplasia and even bone cancer.


American Bulldog needs to learn the habit of exercise through a walk in the park because they need to strengthen their body built. Exercise is definitely a must for bulldogs because they are by nature inactive and indoor pet. Through exercise, owners can make sure that their pet is in good condition.