Ah the American Bulldog. There is no other breed of dog better suited for the typical American home than this dog. It has become so popular that it has not only been famous in the country it has developed from, but has already spread across the whole globe. The American Bulldog is one of the great working dogs. To achieve its great working dog status, though, you must first train them from puppyhood, when they are merely just American Bulldog puppies.

American Bulldog puppies are like any other puppies. They are cute, cuddly, loveable, and just the most adorable animals you will have ever seen. They will, however, grow up to become one of either the most eager-to-please dogs around, or be another addition to the stereotype that bulldogs are some of the most ferocious and dangerous dogs in the dog breed world. To avoid having your dog become one of these dogs which have the bad reputation, have your puppies trained at a very young age.

When these dogs are only puppies, they have been noted for being carefree and super friendly. This would last until when they are about 8 months. Although still relatively careless, or ful around strangers at home during these first 8 months of their puppyhood, this would still the right time to train them. This would also be more than enough time to train these dogs the basics in obedience and house training, and to be comfortable around strangers. Dogs are most teachable and trainable at around 4 of 5 months after they are born, and even though American Bulldogs are very trainable, it is still best to start at a young age.

American Bulldog puppies, as puppies they are, will be generally friendly to all animals; but this will not last long, unless they are trained with proper care and given a lot of time with other animals for them to be able to be comfortable with them until they reach adulthood. There will be changes to this dog once it reaches the age of about 18 months. They will assert themselves, and if not checked, will think they are the Alphas and will be stubborn and not listen if this happens to be the case. This is why American Bulldog puppies should be informed right away, that you, the owner, are the master, and the Alpha. Never make them think otherwise unless you want to have a real scuffle to ensue.

The American Bulldog is one of the best dogs you will ever have, should you decide on owning one. Not only are they great guard dogs, not only are they great working dogs, but they also have a sweet and mild side to them. The assertiveness is only a part of their overall temperament and is not the whole temperament of this breed of dog itself. Overall they are one of the best all-purpose dogs. What are you waiting for? Get your own American Bulldog puppies right now from your local American Bulldog breeder and start training them!