American Bulldog Training

American Bulldog Training Made Easy

The key towards successful American Bulldog training is to know what it is exactly that you want from your dog. You also have to take the time to understand your American Bulldog by doing research because you need to know what your dog is capable of and what it can do to deliver what you want. A lot of dog owners overestimate the capabilities of their pooch and so end up frustrated when their dog is not able to deliver. This is also equally frustrating on the part of the dog because it is being asked to do something that is beyond it. In order to make both parties (you and your dog) happy then, the two of you have to work with what you have. To help you get started, here are some American bulldog training techniques you can keep in mind: The crate. Its restricted space is meant to make your dog feel secure, helping in house training and keeping anxiety-related issues at bay. Introducing your dog as early as possible to crate so it can sooner get used to it is the goal. To make your...

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American Bulldog Breed Information

American Bulldog Information

American Bulldogs are confident and good at socialization at its complete maturity. They would often cling to their owners but be aloof to strangers. They are smart and...

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American Bulldog Care

More American Bulldog Care Tips

American bulldog care could be quite tricky for some dog owners and their families. However, if you really are decided on raising one, you need to know some things in order to care...

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American Bulldog Puppies

Raising An American Bulldog Puppy

An American bulldog puppy is a great dog to train. Since the American bulldog has the reputation of being quite imposing especially among strangers, if you have a puppy, it would...

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